New Year, New Members Meeting 6/2!

The Mapping by the Swedish Arts Council – ways forward!
All Manegen members are warmly welcome to a meeting to discuss how to move forward after the presentation of the mapping by the Swedish Arts Council last year!
When: 6 February 2018 at 18.00
Place: Manegen’s office space, Mötesplats Gamla Stan, Stora Nygatan 33

The petition #theshowisover

Yesterday a petition, #theshowisover, was published in the largest newspaper in Sweden. It comes from circus women all over the world in relation to the world wide #metoo movement about sexual harassment and male violence towards women. It was also sent in full version (it was a short version in the newspaper) to Manegen, being the members organisation for the circus business in Sweden. In Sweden over 50 petitions have been made by women from different sectors and published in different media. Last night at the board meeting of Manegen we discussed what we can do to meet the demands of the petition. Our members are both employers and employees, and we will, as a start, forward the petition to all our members. We thank the #theshowisover for raising awareness and we will not rest until we have done what we can to change this unacceptable situation.
Linda Beijer, chairwoman of the Board of Manegen and all members of the board. 

Full version of the petition #theshowisover in Swedish and English:

Articles in Swedish:

Reminder: Members meeting today!

Important & historical Members meeting with KUR presentation of their new mapping about circus in Sweden! Welcome today at 16-17!
Place: Garnisonen konferens, Karlav. 100, room Observatorielunden (1 floor up). The author of the New and Unique mapping of Swedish Circus by the Swedish Arts Council Jochum Landin and Head of unit Veronica Lampaa Lönnbro will present the report. There will be ‘glögg, saffron bread and gingerbread’. RSVP to After this there is time to also go to listen to DOCH seminar ‘Can art save the world’ at 17.30, nearby at Linnégatan 87!

Kulturrådets cirkuskartläggning: Mer cirkus på svenska scener

Nu har Kulturrådets cirkuskartläggning kommit/The new Circus Mapping by the Swedish Arts Council is here (only in Swedish): Kulturrådet föreslår mer cirkus på svenska scener (‘More circus on Swedish stages’) Läs mer här: Kulturrådets cirkuskartläggning
Och kom till Manegens medlemsmöte på måndag 4/12 kl. 16 i Garnisonen konferens, Karlav. 100 då Kulturrådets ansvariga personer kommer och presenterar rapporten! OSA senast 1/12 kl. 12 till

Welcome to the presentation of the circus mapping by the Swedish Arts Council on 4/12 at 16 in Garnisonen konferens, Karlavägen 100 RSVP by 1/12 noon to

Important & historical Members meeting 4/12 at 16-17

Extremely important & historical Members meeting with KUR presentation of their new mapping about circus in Sweden! Welcome 4/12 at 16-17 – do not miss this!!
Place: Garnisonen konferens, Karlav. 100, room Observatorielunden (1 floor up). The author of the New and Unique mapping of Swedish Circus by the Swedish Arts Council Jochum Landin will present the report, and Veronica Lampaa Lönnbro, Head of Unit at the Swedish Arts Council, will also be present. There will be ‘glögg, saffron bread and gingerbread’.

RSVP by Friday 1/12 noon to After this there is time to also go to listen to DOCH seminar ‘Can art save the world’ at 17.30, nearby at Linnégatan 87! Warmly welcome everyone!!


English text further down
Kampanjerna kring #metoo har visat på problemen kring sexuella trakasserier i många kvinnors vardag och arbetsliv även inom kulturbranschen. Manegen är ingen arbetsgivarorganisation eller något fackförbund, men vi vill ge alla våra medlemmar information om vart man kan vända sig för att gå vidare.

Sexuella trakasserier verkar förekomma i de flesta branscher. Alla arbetsgivare har ansvar och skyldigheter gentemot sin anställda, och ska tillse att arbetsplatsen är jämställd och att ingen utsätts för kränkande beteende och sexuella trakasserier. Det är därför viktigt att alla agerar för att se över rutiner för sitt förebyggande arbete, skriva handlingsplaner och vidta åtgärder mot trakasserier och diskriminering. Det är viktigt att skapa en organisation som inte diskriminerar utan bidrar till en miljö där alla medarbetare har samma rättigheter, skyldigheter, arbetsvillkor och utvecklingsmöjligheter via ett pågående mångfaldsarbete.

Sexuella trakasserier är förbjudet enligt Diskrimineringslagen (se Sexuella trakasserier är ett uppträdande av sexuell natur som kränker någons värdighet.

Har du blivit usatt för sexuella trakasserier? Du kan exempelvis vända dig till Teaterförbundets medlemsrådgivning om du behöver stöd i att anmäla trakasserierna. Om du inte är medlem i Teaterförbundet – kontakta Manegen på så pratar vi igenom hur du kan gå vidare.

Om du är medlem i Teaterförbundet kan du under sekretess tala med förbundets jurister som kan ge råd om hur du bör gå vidare. Kontakta Medlemsrådgivningen på Teaterförbundet för scen och film per mail: eller per telefon 08 – 441 13 00, vardagar 9.00-12.00.

Det är du som avgör om handlingen eller beteendet är kränkande. Om du blivit utsatt bör du anmäla det till din arbetsgivare. Ta gärna hjälp av skyddsombudet och facket, om sådana representanter finns på din arbetsplats.

Föreningen Storasyster är en feministisk, partipolitiskt och religiöst obunden ideell förening som vänder sig till dig som utsatts för våldtäkt eller andra sexuella övergrepp. För mer information se

I handboken ’Bryt tystnaden’ har TCO sammanställt berättelser och verktyg för hur sexuella trakasserier kan förebyggas och hanteras. Boken går också igenom arbetstagarnas rättigheter och arbetsgivarens skyldigheter. Du hittar den på Teaterförbundets hemsida,


The campaigns connected to #metoo have shown the problems related to sexual harassments in many women’s daily life and worklife also within the cultural sector. Manegen is no employer organization or trade union, but we want to give all our members information about where to turn in order to take action when needed.

Sexual harassments seem to exist in most sectors. All employers have responsibilities and obligations towards their employees and shall make sure that the workplace is equal and that noone is subject to offensive behaviour or sexual harassments. It is therefore important that everyone acts in order to check the routines concerning their preventive work, write action plans and take action against harassments and discrimination. It is important to create an organisation which does not discriminate but instead contributes to creating an environment where all the employees have the same rights, obligations, work conditions and possibilities to develop through an ongoing diversity work.

Sexual harassments are prohibited according to the Law of Discrimination in Sweden (please see Sexual harassments are conducts of a sexual nature that violates somebody’s dignity.

Have you been a victim of sexual harassments? Then you can for instance turn to The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film and their Member Advisory if you need support in order to report the harassments. If you are not a member of The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film you can contact Manegen at so that we can talk about how you can proceed.

If you are a member of the The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film you can under confidentiality talk to the union lawyers who can give advice about how to proceed. Contact their Member Advisory at: or by telephone 08 – 441 13 00, weekdays 9.00-12.00 am.

You are the one deciding if the behavoiur was offensive. If you have been exposed you should report this to your employer. It is a good idea to get help from the Union or the ’protection ombud’ (skyddsombud), if these exist at your workplace.

The Association Big Sister is a feminist party politically and religiously unobtrusive non-profit association which is open for those who have been subject to rape or other sexual abuses. For more information please see

This week: Workshop with Erini&Simon

For those who enrolled: Workshop Erini&Simon’s partnering dance & acrobatics with Simon Wiborn & Erini Apostolatou free for Manegen’s members in coop with Danscentrum Stockholm. 27-30/11. Time: Mon-Thur at 12.30-15.30
Place: Danscentrum Stockholm, Jungfrugatan 7B.

Also included if you want is to take part in Daily training at Danscentrum with Sigal Zouk 27-30/11 (10-11.30, same address). Welcome!


New training hours w. 44

Week 44 is special since it is a week of break, from school, for our gymnasium students. We will still be sharing our training space with other, wonderful ”up and coming” circus-artists and this time it is children who are participating in the ”Cirkus Cirkörs Höstlovs-kurs”.

Our hours will also change (Check ”Träning i Stockholm” for more information) and on friday the 3/11: it is especially important that you are LEAVING the hall at 14:00, since the doors will lock and the alarm will be activated. 

BOOK NOW: Rope workshop for Manegen members 21/11 at Cirkör

The Belgian rope artist Amaury Vanderborght is giving lectures at DOCH in November, and on Tuesday 21 November he will also give a workshop for the members of Manegen in Alby, Cirkör Lab. The workshop will be free of charge for our members, but there are only 6 places – so book quickly! For information about Amaury, see:

Time: 21/11 at 9-11.30/12

Place: Cirkör Lab, Cirkus Cirkör, Rotemannavägen 22, Subway stn: Alby

Book: send an e-mail to