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Welcome to Manegen!

Manegen is a national member organisation for professionals within circus, variety and street performance. The mission of Manegen is to exist as a forum for information and support for the circus, variety and street performance community within Sweden. Contact us if you need more information in English.

Below you’ll find information on the daily training for professional circus artists, and how to become a member of Manegen.
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Center of Gravity

Daily circus training for professionals

(for members of Manegen)
Manegen offers free daily circus training for professionals, funded by the Swedish Arts Council. General criterias for being a professional is to have a university level exam (or currently being a student) and/or to have your main income from the circus, variety or street performance area.
Contact daglig.traning@manegen.org, daglig.traning.malmo@manegen.org if you have questions about access to the training.

Where in Stockholm? Cirkus Cirkör, Cirkushallen i Alby. T-bana Alby, Rotemannavägen 22
Where in Malmö? Karavan, Bokgatan 18, Malmö

When in Stockholm? Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays: 12.30-16.30, Wednesdays 10.00-14.00 (closed on holidays)

When in Malmö?
Mondays-Fridays: 12.30-16.30 (closed on holidays)

Training outside of Stockholm

In other areas of Sweden, these organisations or companies can offer some kind of training facilites. Contact them directly for more information:

Norrköping ‐ Norrköping cirkus och varieté, birgitta_konig@hotmail.com

If you or your organisation want to be listed here, please contact Manegen.

Become a member

Check what membership fee applies to you or your company and pay to the Plusgiro-account: 514505-7 (international payments: see below). Write your name and e-mail address in the message field when you pay.

When your payment is registred an e-mail is sent to your e-mail address. If you have not received the e-mail a few days after the payment, please look in the spam section on your e-mail (sometimes automatic messages like this gets caught by the spam filter).

We also accept most cards since we have iZettle at Cirkushallen in Alby.

Membership fees
– Individuals/one person 200 sek/year
– Students 100 sek/year
– Organisations with 2-4 employees/members 1 000 sek/year
– Organisations with 5-10 employees/members 2 000 sek/year
– Organisations with 11-50 employees/members 5 000 sek/year
– Organisations with more than 50 employees/members 10 000 sek/year

All memberships equals one (1) vote at Manegen meetings.

All memberships are valid calendar year january 1st – december 31st, no matter when during the year you become a member.

IBAN: SE84 9500 0099 6026 0514 5057
BIC-vode (SWIFT-address): NDEASESS
Bank: Nordea