When: 16-20 April at 17-20
Place: DOCH studios Brinellvägen 58, Stockholm
Enrol at: ingela.hemming@manegen.org

This will be a super Bouffon workshop, free for Manegen members! Maria Oller is trained in London, Paris and Helsinki, specialising in European theatre, clowning and classical studies using the European theatre tradition of physical theatre.

The Bouffons are the outcasts of society, those who don’t fit in but who say what they think without fear. The Bouffons come from a middle age tradition where those not fitting in were seen as children of the devil. The children of God, the perfect ones, decided that the children of the devil should be sent away from the villages and be left to their own devices outside the law. These outcasts became jesters making fun of the perfect ones. They had nothing to lose.
In the Bouffon workshop we learn to be a big person enjoying the strength of being small and worthless but with the gift of blasphemy. The Bouffon is the opposite of the clown. The clown loves the audience while the bouffon has the tactics that says the truth to the audience.