The petition #theshowisover

Yesterday a petition, #theshowisover, was published in the largest newspaper in Sweden. It comes from circus women all over the world in relation to the world wide #metoo movement about sexual harassment and male violence towards women. It was also sent in full version (it was a short version in the newspaper) to Manegen, being the members organisation for the circus business in Sweden. In Sweden over 50 petitions have been made by women from different sectors and published in different media. Last night at the board meeting of Manegen we discussed what we can do to meet the demands of the petition. Our members are both employers and employees, and we will, as a start, forward the petition to all our members. We thank the #theshowisover for raising awareness and we will not rest until we have done what we can to change this unacceptable situation.
Linda Beijer, chairwoman of the Board of Manegen and all members of the board. 

Full version of the petition #theshowisover in Swedish and English:

Articles in Swedish: