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O U T explores, and invites the audience to discover, the infinite possibilities of buckets. On the ground and in the air; with different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Om föreställningen

Together Morgane and Sébastien travel in space with their duo trapeze technique and different installations. While playing with softness and fragility, surprises are never far in this world. This universe is rarely serious, and almost always absurd.

The artists build situations, and problems and find unique ways of solving what might come up. They deal with risk, trust, balance, and height while always trying to stay transparent about their feelings, with how the events are affecting them. The stage is a place for Morgane & Sébastien to investigate their ideas while sharing them with hints of humor, danger, and complicity.

The two artists create an absurd universe where fragility and playfulness are central. The energy travels transforms and is shared.

This ensemble creates a world of connections, and complicity, full of suspension and release. With this show, the artist wants to show how absurdity and poetry are never too far away from each other.

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