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Piste, Piste, Piste

“Piste, piste, piste” is an interdisciplinary performance for children and young audiences, combining contemporary circus, dance and visual arts.

Om föreställningen

In a fascinating journey into the world of shapes and creativity, a blank white stage gets transformed into an imaginative universe with the use of old overhead projectors. The work is based on the children’s book “Três pontinhos” (three little dots) by the author/illustrator Mario Vale.


Giving continuity to the research started with their previous performance Portmanteau, Luis and Mira explore the use of handmade visuals executed live on old overhead projectors, to build a dynamic and poetic visual environment.

Not underlining but rather suggesting, the performance sensitively builds up around the journey of two characters who discover three little dots… Through movement, illusion and circus skills, the performers play with the transformation of dots into lines, using the overhead projectors to create different situations and universes in which they travel through, leaving space for the children’s own imagination and interpretations.

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