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Based on a series of stories about gravity and stunning juggling sequences featuring Jay’s unique inventions, props, and robots, REFLEX is a one of kind theatrical experience. Discover secrets of a timeless craft, be mesmerized by visual music, and moved by the artistry of object manipulation.

Om föreställningen

REFLEX is a unique theatrical experience that builds an unlikely but beautiful relationship between the ambition of space exploration and the art of juggling. Jay Gilligan interweaves fascinating accounts of the Voyager Mission, Carl Sagan, and the Golden Record with spectacular experimental juggling sequences and stories from his 37-year career as he looks for his own place in the history of his craft. Through object manipulation techniques ranging from the ancient to the avant garde, Jay creates stunning soundscapes and vivid images that stir the sense of cosmic connection within all of us.

Original Credits

Written by Jay Gilligan & Frodo Santini

Directed by Frodo Santini & Lyndsay Magid Aviner

Juggling Machine Design by Drew Aslesen

Lighting Design by Jeff Croiter & Sean Beach


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