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A national member organisation for circus, variety and street performance

MANEGEN is a Swedish national member organisation for circus, variety and street performance. The members of Manegen consist of artists, companies, producers, creators and students from the biggest actors in the art field like Subtopia, Cirkus Cirkör and Stockholm University of the Arts, to smaller companies and artists from different parts of the country. Manegen unifies and represents circus, variety and street performance, and improves the professional conditions on different levels.

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Manegen’s activities

Manegen is working to connect our members with other interesting parties and to arrange daily traning for professional artists. Other important tasks include better working conditions and possibilities for development for our members as well as creating a stronger position both within the art field and in society. Manegen is an active member of Circostrada (European platform for circus and street art), Fedec (international network for circus education) as well as Baltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN).

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The Board

The Board of Manegen 2020-2021.

Elected at the Annual meeting on 19 april 2020. 

Margreth Elfström


Klara Mossberg

Ordinary member

Olle Saloranta Strandberg

Ordinary member

Johan Celander

Ordinary member, cashier

Lars Wassrin

Ordinary member

Aedin Walsh

Ordinary member

Hanna Hedvall

Vice chair

Evy Wurm

Ordinary member

Daniel Oja

Ordinary member

Håkan Nordman


Marie Wårell


Louise Moesgaard Witthoft


The members of Manegen are warmly welcome to participate in the meetings of the Board, which take place approximately once a month. Sign up some days beforehand to info@manegen.org if you want to participate or if you have an issue that you would like to include in the agenda. Right now the meetings are online.

Board meetings during the Spring 2021:

March 2nd and April 6th at 6-8 pm.

The Annual meeting takes place on April 17th at 2-4 pm - more information is coming soon!


Adopted 2008-12-09

Name of the association Manegen – Center for circus, variety and street performance

Seat of the association Botkyrka, Stockholm (Sweden)

Purpose of the association Manegen is a national interest organisation for circus, variety and street performance. The association shall work to support the art forms and their actors, such as companies, creators, producers/project leaders, presenters, educators/teachers and others who professionally work with circus, variety and street art, in Sweden.

The association is party political and religiously independent.

The association shall be the Swedish representative in Nordic, European and international forums who work for the
same purpose.

Membership, suffrage and membership fees

  • Open membership for people and organisations (physical and legal persons) who have a connection to the purpose of the activity. Others who support the purpose of the association can become support members by paying the membership fee. Support member does not have suffrage in the decision-making body of the association.
  • All ordinary members have suffrage at the general meetings of the association. Suffrage can be used personally or through proxy. Only a member can be a delegate, every member can only represent one more member
  • A Member can be excluded if he/she counteracts the purpose of the association. Decision about exclusion is made by the Board.
  • The Membership fee is determined by the general meeting of the association.

Decision-making body

  • The general meeting is the highest decision-making body of the association and appoint the Board of the association which in between meetings is the highest decision-making body, with responsibility to act according to the guidelines of the general meeting.
  • Members’ meetings of the association shall be held at least twice per year, of which one is the general meeting. The Board summons to members’ meetings.
  • Ordinary decision-making meeting
  • Ordinary general meeting (annual meeting) shall be held yearly before the end of the month of April.
  • An extraordinary general meeting shall be held when the Board or the auditors find reason for this or if at least one tenth of all members entitled to vote have demanded this with an indication of the matter that they wish be treated. Such a demand shall be written and submitted to the Board.
  • Summon for a general meeting is sent out by the Board and shall include information about the subjects to be treated at the meeting and shall be sent to members at least four weeks before an ordinary general meeting and at least two weeks before an extraordinary general meeting.
  • A member who wishes to get a subject treated at the ordinary general meeting shall in writing report the matter to the Board at the latest ten days before the meeting. Members entitled to vote shall, in order to have voting rights at the meeting, report their attendance one week before the meeting at the latest.

Ordinary general meeting

The following matters are to be treated at an ordinary general meeting:

§ 1 Opening of the meeting

§ 2 Election of chair and secretary

§ 3 Setting the voting list

§ 4 Setting of the fact that the meeting had been properly announced

§ 5 Approval of the agenda

§ 6 Election of minutes checkers

§ 7 Presentation of the annual report and the audit report

§ 8 Presentation of the results and balance sheets

§ 9 Decision about discharge for the members of the Board

§ 10 Decision about fees to the members of the Board and the auditors

§ 11 Determination of the number of members of the Board

§ 12 Election of chair of the Board, other members and auditors

§ 13 Election of election committee

§ 14 Proposal from the Board for the coming fiscal year

§ 15 Processing of cases raised by members

§ 16 Determination of membership fee

§ 17 Decision about activity plan for the coming year

§ 18 Other matters

§ 18 The end of the meeting

Board and auditors

  • The Board shall consist of at least five and at the most nine ordinary members plus at the most four substitutes. Members are suggested by election committee and elected by the annual meeting for a period of maximum two years at a time./li>
  • The Board shall represent diversity concerning activity perspective, art forms and professions.
  • One or several auditors, with or without substitutes, shall be elected by the ordinary general meeting for a period of one year at a time. Also an auditing firm can be elected to be an auditor.
  • The Board shall present its annual report to the auditor at least one month before the ordinary general meeting.
  • Meetings of the Boards shall be held at least 5 times a year.

Financial yearThe financial year shall be the calendar year.

Amendments of statutes Amendments of the statutes are done by decision at two consecutive general meetings and must be supported by at least ¾ of the present voting members.

Winding up Winding up of the association is done by decision at two consecutive general meetings and must be supported by at least ¾ of the present voting members.

At the time of winding up of the association any remaining funds aret o be donated to a fund for the promotion of circus, variety and street performance or to a organisation working with a similar purpose. It arrives at the general meeting deciding upon the winding up that if a fund is to be created determine the statutes for the fund and elect its first Board.

Manegen was started as an initiative of free actors in order to create a platform for advocacy and a meeting point for artists, companies, creators, producers/project leaders, educators and other professionals within circus, variety and street performance.

Manegen started a new regional daily training center in Malmö in the middle of August, in co-operation with Karavan.

The year 2017 has been an important year for the activities of Manegen. The Swedish Arts Council got the assignment from the government to write a special report and map the situation for professional contemporary circus and the public efforts as well as make an assessment of the need for any further public efforts in the field and suggest how these could be funded. On November 30th the Swedish Arts Council presented the report ’Professional Contemporary Circus – a mapping’, and on December 4th representatives from the Swedish Arts Council came to a Manegen meeting and presented their report to our members. Lots of work still lie ahead in order for more of Manegen’s members to be able to depend on their profession – but the Board see this as a first step towards a more concrete action plan for our art field.

Manegen launches a new, more intermediary, communication platform and works towards opening daily
training on more locations around the country.

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Circostrada, the European platform for circus and street art, has around 100 members from more than 30 countries. Manegen is an active member and participates in meetings and workgroups.

To Circostrada

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Baltic Nordic Circus Network

During 2014 Manegen became a member of Baltic Nordic Circus Network, and was its host 2017-19. The purpose of the network is to strengthen the regional co-operation and develop the circus art field within the Baltic Sea Region.