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2020-02-06  |  Event

Circus Bar #4 on Snotty Seaside 11/2!

Now on Tuesday, February 11, the circus bar NO 4 happens!
In the middle of #cirkusmania. You who want to see "Juggling is" at the Reimersholme Hotel are welcome afterwards and all you others just come come come!
This lovely evening the new circus company Face First will be present talking about everything between heaven and earth. We will also, as usual, have an amazing house DJ and live music a la grande!


2020-02-11 18:30


Snotty Seaside, Lindvallsg. 11, Stockholm

The circus bar is constantly evolving and will continue on Snotty's basement stage by circus people for anyone who's up for the combination of conversations about and through circus + drinks and music. An opportunity to meet up regularly, drink beverages and talk to one another... with the introduction at the basement scene as a catalyst for discussions, meetings or thoughtful solitary drinking. As you wish!

If you want to help with scenography, music, presenting, conversation topics or whatever, just email info@salorantadevylder.com
Bring friends and come!

Now on Tuesday and then one Tuesday each month FOR ALWAYS

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(Photo: Mats Bäcker)


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