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2019-07-05  |  News

Application funding Stockholm stad


Application for Cultural funding/support can be made for public activities or cultural programs, such as performance, exhibition or concert. Cultural support shall cover costs in connection with the program or activity, like wages, production, marketing or premises. 

In order to be granted aid from the Culture administration the activity or cultural program shall be open for all, be of high quality and essentially take place in the town of Stockholm. 

  • Application up to 50 000 SEK
    Apply latest 19th of August - Decision 30th September

Open house for individual guidance

If you are planning to apply for any of our supports/funding you are welcome to our open house events that we organize on a regular basis. Here you can ask your questions about the different support programs and get individual guidance from an administrator.  

Coming event

  • Friday 13th September at 15.00-17.00. 

Participator: Cultural administration Stockholms town. Premises to be announced shortly.

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