Daily training

Manegen gets support fron the Swedish Arts Council to arrange Daily training for professional artists within circus, variety and street performance.

Prices training cards

You need to first be a member of Manegen to buy a training card which enables you to take part in Daily training. The training card also gives you reductions concerning education and workshop possibilities organised by Manegen

Training card full year/half year

300 kr incl tva full year/200 kr incl tva half year

A full year costs 300 kr, but if you want to train Jan-June or July-Dec you can instead choose a half year card and pay 200 kr.

Training card one month/”Try out”

100 kr incl tva per month/ free ”try out week”

In case you only want to train during one month is costs 100 kr. If you want to have a ”free try out week” you can have this (only possible once).

Daily training in Stockholm

Daily training for professional artists in Stockholm is organised in co-operation with Cirkus Cirkör, Cirkushallen in Alby. T-bana Alby, Rotemannavägen 22. The training is arranged with the support of the Swedish Arts Council and Botkyrka kommun.

Opening hours::  Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri: 12.30-16.30
Wed: 10.00-14.00
Changes of this schedule do occur, please keep updated through our receptionist at the venue and on the Facebook page of Manegen.

Who is entitled to be counted as a professional artist? Please read more about this here

The training rules of Manegen must always be followed in the training facilities!

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