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2020-03-19  |  News

Important!! How are you affected by the corona crisis?


Manegen would like to write to our politicians and our Minister for culture about the effects from the corona virus for our art forms! In order for us to sum up everything in the best way and to really know the impact for you, pls e-mail us asap to info@manegen.org or send pm to Manegen on facebook - if you want you can answer these questions or just write what you think is most relevant for you: 1. In which form do you work (employed, company) 2. How many employees do you have on your payroll? 3. How many performances did you have to cancel before the Summer? 4. Did you get some kind of public funding for your activities during 2020? 5. Did you have to cancel agreements with invoicing colleagues/dismiss employees because of the present crisis? 6. Which kind of policital support would be the best for you right now? Thanks so much, we all need to keep fighting now🙏

Please e-mail us asap to info@manegen.org or send pm to Manegen on Facebook

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