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Tractor Circus Project

Tractor Circus Project is a Scandinavian collaborative project that is currently up to date with its performance Tractor Circus.

The Tractor Circus Project started with a desire to take the performing arts to the countryside. We borrow tractors, barges, sailboats and farms and give a unique performance in exchange. Tractor Circus consists of three circus artists who move in different circus disciplines and a musician with a heart of punk and a strong connection to the Swedish music tradition.

With tractors and two old folk buses we create our mobile scene that we can take from place to place. We create a traveling meeting place, a haven where creativity can grow, where meeting with people and the process are as important as the performance. In Tractor Circus, we play with all the rules of gravity. Reality is turned in and out, acrobats are hanging high in the air, big machines are revitalized with music that captures the beauty of the world of dreams and takes the audience on a journey full of madness.


Linn Holm (SE)
Mari Dahl Stoknes (NO)
Tamar Ohana Goksøyr (NO)
Elona Planman (SE / NO)



Contact details


Telephone +46 723242141

Email kontakt@kompanito.com

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