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2020-04-21  |  News

Manegen Daily training opens today with limited training

Today we open daily training in Malmö, Norrköping and also Alby - with some special rules just to make sure everyone stays safe! We have a booking schedule in Alby that we renew every week - our members can find this in our members group on Facebook! Please remember to take away your name if there are changes - we want as many as possible to have the training opportunity! 

Special added rules for Alby:

Manegen has decided to open up the possibility for our professional members to access a limited version of daily training in the Cirkör building, Alby. Please read closely below to be updated with the temporary guidelines. It is very important that everyone going to the daily training all the time stay updated and follow the recommendations of Folkhälsomyndigheten as well as other authorities.

- A booking system will be used, since only 2 artists can train at the same time – during 2 hours. There will be 2 slots of 2 hours per day, Monday-Friday. The slots are 8.30-10.30, 10.30-12.30. The booking schedule is available in the Manegen Facebook group for members only. You may not show up to the hall without a booking. In case you need to change anything, you need to take away your name from the booking to allow someone else to book.

- At the latest 10.35 and 12.35 the artists need to have left the building.

- Each artist can book maximum 3 slots/training times during the present week.

- Before and after each training everyone needs to wash their hands. One special toilet is booked for Manegen. Only this toilet can be used.

- There is no access to the kitchen or dressing room or any other part of the Cirkör building except the big hall and sometimes the Black floor (we will give special info about this).

- Artists need to bring their own ropes/rings, rou cyr, hand stand canes and other equipment used for aireals and handstand (too difficult to clean). Each artist helps the Manegen crew to clean the equipment they have used, the safety mats, the gym (if has been used) and other equipment.

- Manegen crew makes sure there is some cleaning hand rub, other cleaning materials necessary and they will also clean the door handles and the toilet after every slot.

- The artists coming will be let in by the Manegen crew in the Cirkör buildning, since the building now is closed at all times.

After 30th April these routines will be up for a new discussion, and Manegen together with Cirkör follows the general development concerning Covid-19 at all times.

These are special times and together we need to take care of each other and take a common responsibility to make the training work by following times and cleaning protocol. If unsure, check in with the receptionist to make sure what you need to do. The training time is very limited, but the aim is to give access to basic needs to as many professional artists as possible in a safe way during a week. Cirkör has other artists training at the same time, they are not following the Manegen time slots.

If anything is unclear - please contact the person at your training place, 

or e-mail: info@manegen.org

Warmly welcome!

Daily training in Malmö

From today all Manegen members who have membership and training cards at Manegen have the possibility to train at Karavan. The training is adjusted to that there are never more than 4 people there at the same time and it is very important that everyone helps with the cleaning before and after their training on the places that have been used. Cleaning equipment is available for everyone. If you are a Manegen member and not already have access to the temporary booking system please send an e-mail to info@karavanmalmo.se with info about who you are and when you want to train, and we will help each other to make sure that everyone gets the possibility to continue training during these special times.

This week Daily training starts again in Norrköping

Opening hours: Tuesdays: 10:30-14:30 Wednesdays: Obs 18:15 - 20:15 Thursdays: 11:30 - 15:30 Fridays: 17:30 - 19:30 All participants must follow the recomondations from Folkhälsomyndigheten. Wash you'r hands and euquipment, change before you arriwe, avoid close contact, maximum 4 people in each hall. If you have any symptoms at all, stay home.

Please read the info from Folkhälsomyndigheten HERE


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