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Manegen guidelines for Daily training


Updated version after decision at Board meeting 181127 200316


Purpose and Authorization

The purpose of Daily training is to enable the professional artist to maintain and develop their
technical level within their discipline/s. The reason for this is to be able to develop their artistry
and continuously maintain the physical capacity in order to carry out their profession in a safe

At Daily training it is the training within the discipline that is prioritized. All training at Daily
training must take place in a way that shows great respect towards the other participants working
interest and working environment. This means that rehearsals of productions, the use of
scenography, requisites and music that in any way can disturb the other participants is not suitable at
Daily training.

Those authorized to attend Daily training are professional artists within circus, variety and street
performance who can prove working experience or having passed vocational training approved by
the state. Those who cannot prove working experience during the past five years or who cannot
maintain a professional level can be denied access to Daily training.

Since circus has a strong extra-institutional tradition where not everyone has college education,
every participant is assessed separately. In order to make this assessment possible the participant
shall prior to the first visit email documentation that proves their professional status, such as CV,
video of live performance, certificates, credentials from vocational education etc.

To be counted as professional you need to have at least three years of vocational education within
circus, variety or street performance or be able to prove three years of professional activity within
your field. The vocational training does not include prep-schools but refer to univeristy level or

Dancers can become members and take part in Daily training if and as long as you are active in a
circus project. This should be proven by email prior to the first occasion of training in the circus
hall with certificates, contracts, CV or similar. Proof to support the position as a professional dancer
is also needed.

If you are a student at the bachelor or master program in circus at SKH you have access to free
membership in Manegen. You are also during the summer break eligible to buy a training card and
take part of the proffessional training during it´s opening hours. This however is not valid if you
have been or are a student at single courses at SKH.

These guidelines have been created in co-operation with the Board of Manegen (20140923) as well
as updated on (2016-03-29),(2018-11-27) and on (2020-03-16.)