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2020-03-25  |  News

Manegen starts a Support Fund

New Support Fund for the members of Manegen within contemporary circus, variety and street performance during March-May 2020

Manegen starts a special "Fund" with the purpose to make it possible for everyone who wants to support our members who are hit hard by the consequenses of the corona crisis - while waiting for more support from the government and others. The Fund will initially excist March-May 2020. We hope that many want to contribute to our fantastic art form!

How to contribute: Until 15th of May you can give money to Manegen's Bank account/Postgironummer 514505-7 or swish nr 1235004825 – State ”Support Fund” in the message.

For the members of Manegen wanting to apply for support from the Fund: apply by 15th of May by submitting this form. The size of the support will depend on how much money that will be given to the Fund, how many who apply as well as how big needs you have.

Manegen has set up a Support Committee which will take the decisions concerning distributions first around 15th of April, then after 15th of May. The Support Committee will do its best in order for the decisions to be as well supported as possible, and their decisions cannot be appealed against.

Thank you so much for supporting the Manegen Fund!

MANEGEN is a Swedish national member organisation for circus, variety and street performance. The members of Manegen consist of artists, companies, producers, creators and students from the biggest actors in the art field like Subtopia, Cirkus Cirkör and Stockholm University of the Arts, to smaller companies and artists from different parts of the country. Manegen unifies and represents circus, variety and street performance, and improves the professional conditions on different levels.

For the members of Manegen wanting to apply for support from the Fund:

Please apply by 15th of May by submitting this form.

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