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2020-03-05  |  Nyhet

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! To you who train and visit the Cirkör House

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have labeled COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) as a public health emergency. Which means that infection is at risk of being transferred between people who are in, or training in the Cirkör House.

Cirkus Cirkör recommend everyone who has recently visited a risk area, to stay home for 14 days after leaving that area, even if you feel well and don’t show any symptoms. It is important that this is followed as there are a large number of people, both adults and children, moving about in the Cirkör House. If you experience symptoms of respiratory and / or fever, contact a healthcare provider immediately by telephone for advice.

You will find reliable information about the spread of the corona virus at the Public Health Authority and advice can be found on the Health Guide which gives clear instructions on illness.


A general recommendation from the Public Health Agency: Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and eyes, and to have close contact with sick people.

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