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2020-12-03  |  Nyhet

Wall-Acrobatic workshop - Abseiling Movement Research

Nycirkus Öst in collaboration with Manegen coordinates a workshop for professional circus artists in wall-acrobatic also known as vertical-dance. The work-shop is arranged with support from Scenkonst Öst / Östgötateatern och Norrköping Symfoniorkester.

This workshop is aimed at circus artists with experience in harness work, or with a strong knowledge of aerial acrobatics or with a high level of body control in the air.

For two periods of two days each, we will share knowledge and explore together different movement possibilities in wall acrobatic.

The first workshop, will focus on going through the basics, learn to handle how to work in a harness against a wall, share the knowledge that already exists among us, and start exploring new movements and possibilities.

The second period will focus on further exploration of our previous work, pair work (if the Corona situation allows it), and choreography.

To be able to participate in the second workshop, you must have attended the first.

The workshops will have a Corona-protocol to make sure it’s safe for all participants.

For participants not living in Östergötland it will be possible to apply to Manegen for costs for travel and lodging.

First workshop: 11/12-2020: kl 13-18. 12/12-2020. From 10-16
Second workshop: 29 to 30 / 1-2021. From 10-16
Apply to participate to:
until 18.00 Monday 7 december
De Geer Hallen, Norrköping
Number of participants: 8-10
Workshop leaders: Mattias Lindström, Linn Brodén
Workshop coordinator: Magali Bancel

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