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Cirkus Saga

Cirkus Saga has been around for fourteen years in Malmö and make performances especially for children, but also for adults.

With humour, slapstick, poetry and lots of action we create unusual performances where we by means of absurd elements and surreal characters try to surprise the audience and awake interesting thoughts and wonderings. Deadly acrobatic tricks, juggling and fire-extingsuishing fakirs are mixed with poetry, evocative balance acts and comedy which ensure that out performances offer something for everyone.

It was Cirkus Saga toghether with LUR and Faela who started (and still run) the performance arts collective Karavan in Malmö ten years ago. 

"Skapande skola"/Creative school and workshops

We often work towards a child audience and would like them to feel that they participate, therefore we often combine a performance with the possibility for the children to try circus afterwards. In this way we build a bridge between us on stage and the children. The audience is important for us, and we do not only want them to consume culture but also to act culture. With the starting point in each person's unique possibilities there is something for everyone to discover, we strive towards strengthening their self esteem and let them develop in their own pace. With alternative ways of learning they get a playful view towards learning something new, daring to try, fail and try again.

Karavan has since the start in 2009 created culture for children and youth. Cirkus Saga which is one of the groups that started  Karavan is one of the most established groups in the south of Sweden when it comes to the creation of unique cultural experiences for children. 

During 2022 we will offer shorter courses for children as well as performances for the whole family, and we also have two bigger projects and one smaller project directed towards children and youth. For more information please see: www.karavanmalmo.se

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