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Dockteater Amusé

Dockteater Amusé is one of the world's smallest theatre companies, some of the artists are so small that they can fit into a small suitcase! We play for the smallest children up to middle school. Artistic leader is Ellinor Werner Nordlund educated in mime, clown and puppeteering. Our performances touch upon big issues in a small format, with lots of warmth and humour. We work with newly written material and a timeless approach.

Dockteater Amusé can play both outdoors and indoors.

Mingle and parties can also be arranged.

We transform libraries, art halls, hospitals and kindergartens into magic places for theatre.

We also perform shadow plays, doll plays, puppet production and drama. Ellinor has a long experience of working with children and youth of all ages, among other things "Skapande skola".

Technical details

Contact information

Telephone +46 762528062

E-mail  info@dockteateramuse.se

Ellinor Werner Nordlund
& Dockteater Amusé

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