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Karavan is the platform for contemporary circus in the south of Sweden.
We work above all with contemporary circus and music. Karavan wants to see our cultural areas develop, spread and be alive. Karavan fills up a vacuum, with a culture that is not so visible in Skåne but which is developing quickly.
In order for our art form to live and develop a number of prerequisites need to be fulfilled.
– Different types of stages where professional artists can be seen are needed, where a broad audience feels welcome.
– There is a need for professional artists who have the possibilities to both practise and get further education in order to develop as artists.
– There is a need for an inflow of new artists and in order to make this happen it is important that an interest is awaken early on, that there are training possibilities for children and young people.
– It is necessary that artists can get help to build networks, both internally amongst each other and within other artistic networks.
Karavan has during its ten years of existence managed to get all these puzzle pieces in place. Our activities are therefore essential in order for the cultural area around circus, variety and street performance to live on and grow in the south of Sweden.
What we do has had and still has an important cultural value for the region since we are the unifying platform for professional circus artists and other physically performing artists in Skåne. Karavan is the place where we can form ties, train, develop and be inspired and create performances together. This strenghtens quality as well as artistic renovation within our field.
In order to broaden supply and the target group and to open the doors between different art fields we invite guest performances within other art fields such as theatre, music and dance, with focus on innovative expressions and citizenship. Performing arts and arrangements that can find it difficult to fit in on more established stages.
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