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Allt som är mitt

The show is made in a collaboration with the groups Kollektiv Knaster and Spinning Compass Performance. The artists Alaya Vindelman and Andrea Hilario have been performing and creating shows and productions together over the last decade, with aerial rope as their main circus discipline. Johannes Starke is a juggler, acrobat and the captain Spinning Compass Performance´s circus ship, Johanne.

Om föreställningen

Allt som är mitt is a contemporary circus performance about consumption, relationships, and the willingness to fit in. In the show you will meet three characters who constantly want more – the newest thing and the latest gadget. As they buy and collect their objects they proudly show off what they own, but still have a hard time finding satisfaction. The show consists of playful choreographies, acrobatics, juggling and object manipulation. A visual performance that suits the whole family, independent of specific age or language.

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