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Joel Degerfeldt and Mikkel Hobitz, friends from the circus school AFUK, found they had a lot of things in common. They both have an interest in the physical disciplines of hand-to-hand and acrobatics. They both play string instruments. They even look alike: long, thin, and blond. This was where the idea for the show came from. With a dream of magic, acrobatics and music they would make circus history.

Om föreställningen

BJÖRN is a clever circus show for children aged between 6 and 12. It is a blend of wild acrobatics, magic, music and subtle comedy. We follow a confused circus artist in a strange world where anything can happen. Things disappear, clothes suddenly change colour, and people are turned into animals. What is really real? Where is Björn? And can you play music upside down? BJÖRN explores reality in a physical and playful way. We draw close to the risk and beauty of these acrobatic moments, where the impossible becomes possible.

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