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Det får bära eller brista

Circus By Me creates contemporary circus with a special focus on acrobatics, crossing various art forms such as contact improvisation, modern dance, ceramics and theater. It employs culture as a means for building a better world. In drawing its themes from the act of carrying and from physical tasks, DET FÅR BÄRA ELLER BRISTA uses partner acrobatics as an expressive tool. On stage the team works in duos, trios, and as a collective to perform static and dynamic acrobatics. 

Om föreställningen

Taking inspiration from their own lives, six female partner acrobats explore the boundaries between lifting and collapsing. Weight and lightness. Strength and fragility. Joy and sorrow. DET FÅR BÄRA ELLER BRISTA is a performance that illustrates women’s history through acrobatics and contemporary folk music. On stage, human pyramids and impressive acrobatic choreographies are built with the innovative spirit of the contemporary circus.

Idea and concept: Circus By Me. Acrobats: Anna Nerman Sylla, Katja Kortström, Linda Petersson, Rebecka Nord, Seela Wanvik & Signe Veinholt. Musicians: Anna Rynefors & Anna Cederquist. Research and creation: All artists. Composition: Anna Cederquist. Light design: Sofie Gynning. Costume design: Sus Soddu. Director: Åsa Johannisson

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