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Emil Dahl has spent the last five years researching on and practicing ring juggling in its most condensed form: balancing rings in new shapes with the foundational principle of keeping things simple and minimalistic (and functional). 

Om föreställningen

Clean water, clear glass, raw wood and white circles. It doesn´t need to be more complicated than this. HOLY is a visually minimalistic piece that uses balance to make fragile structures in real time. A hypnotizing atmosphere is created through groundbreaking technique and unique imagery. Taking modern juggling technique and clean Scandinavian design as its guides, this piece will help put juggling on an equal footing with other art forms.

Using only nine rings, HOLY focuses on what´s necessary and important: the shape of the rings and their physical properties.

At 45 minutes long, it´s a mind-boggling piece that will change how you perceive juggling itself.

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