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Kasta loss

Angela Wand is an artist/creator with 25 years of stage experience as a physical actor, clown and circus artist. Angela has worked in theatre, TV, film, on the street, in refugee camps and hospitals, at events and on commercials, both leading her own projects and working with numerous companies to reach a broad and international audience. The music and soundscape for the performance has been written and created by Theresia Billberg, who also runs the tech for the show.

Om föreställningen

Kasta loss is an adventure for all. How would it feel to be completely alone on a boat in the middle of the sea with no land in sight? What would a normal day look like? What would you eat for breakfast? Come onboard and meet a lonely captain with her unusual ship and her even more unusual crew. Meet Allan the parrot, see whales and dolphins and hear how the captain saved her ship from the evil octopus. Better hold on tight because the storm is coming and the captain is about to cast off!

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