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Face First was formed from the desire of it’s hard working members to establish a space for themselves to create freely and fly on their own. The name evokes the risk that define their lives as circus artists. It also speaks to their wish to highlight the personality of the body on stage, using the art of acrobatics as a path to authenticity.

After years of working in their own field, the members of Face First are adding a new voice to the circus field by producing their own touring productions and customized events. 

Om föreställningen

For this first creation, the members of Face First reflected on their own artistic journeys. Looking back on years spent creating and performing, they were inspired to reveal the parts of their lives that are hidden from the stage. In OUTLINES, the artists invite you on a tour of circus´enduring themes, sometimes with humor, other times with a candid authenticity. In the process, they bounce back and forth between their old reality and the new one they´re making for themselves. A reality where they can choose their own path instead of retreading the ones the industry creates for them. With OUTLINES, Face First invite you to enter a world with a twist (and a few saltos). 

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