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Offentlig föreställning


This performance is being made by a group of graduates from Stockholm University of the Arts´ Circus Program – Joel, Elaine, Benjamin and Luuk.

We´re not an established company, but are making this show under the name of 4onBoard. 

Om föreställningen

SMÄLTANDE is a tribute to snow. There´s something about snow that brings out the child in all of us, so it´s a pity that there won´t be any left if we continue to live our lives as we do now. The performance itself will take place this February in the beautiful and snowy countryside of Sweden. One big part of the project will involve the creation of a short film, shot by the talented videographer Isak Stockås, in which we drive around Sweden for a week, hunting for snowy fields, frozen lakes, and the most beautiful places to do teeterboard and play around.

Rekommenderad ålder