Cirkor Trassel Foto Alex Hinchcliffe

Cirkus Cirkör startade 1995 och är en politisk obunden ideell förening med visionen att förflytta inre och yttre gränser i konst och samhälle med cirkuskonst. Vi samskapar konst, pedagogik och teknisk innovation i världsklass. Cirkus Cirkör rymmer föreställningar och koncept på turné världen över med tillhörande föreläsningar, workshops och events där cirkuskonsten omsätts i vardagen i näringsliv, offentlig och ideell verksamhet. Vi erbjuder kurser och pedagogiska program för alla, ung som gammal, med eller utan funktionsvariation och har ett treårigt gymnasieprogram med riksintag. Vi tror på att göra det omöjliga möjligt.

Under huden

Under huden, foto Troels R. Fuglsang

Fonomonik arbetar tvärkonstnärligt med fokus på performativa verk och installationer. Vårt mål är att skapa rum där det audiella och det visuella möts i harmoni med naturen och arkitekturen runt omkring oss.

KompaniTO är ett norskt cirkus- och danskompani. Det grundades 2014 av Tamar Ohana Goksøyr och Mari Dahl Stoknes. Vi arbetar gränsöverskridande mellan cirkus, dans, fysisk teater, musik och text, för att skapa scenkonst som är öppen, utmanande och välkomnande.

Fräulein Frauke Presents

Fräulein Frauke, foto John-Paul Bichard

Fräulein Frauke är Sveriges största burleskartist med storslagna solonummer inom burlesk, jazz och kabaret och har även en sjungande showgirl-trio, ett jazzband och flera produktioner/föreställningar.


Saloranta & De Vylder är ett cirkuskompani och ramverk för samarbetet mellan Sara De Vylder och Olle Saloranta Strandberg som tillsammans utforskar samtida cirkus.


This performance is being made by a group of graduates from Stockholm University of the Arts´ Circus Program – Joel, Elaine, Benjamin and Luuk.

We´re not an established company, but are making this show under the name of 4onBoard. 

Richardo Glassbalance

Award winning balance artist Richard Ljungman. Richardo’s balancing act has been seen by more than one billion people worldwide. 

Red Hot Condition

Company Afterclap is a Stockholm based contemporary circus company founded in 2019 by two Finnish circus artists Nelli Kujansivu and Aaron Hakala. They met in Stockholm when they became classmates in the renowned Stockholm University of the Arts´ Circus Program, from which they graduated as Bachelors of Fine Arts in Circus in 2016.

They have since worked with contemporary circus companies such as Cirkus Cirkör, Cirque du Soleil, Galapiat Cirque and Circus Monti. After many years of touring the world separately they decided to combine their forces and so Company Afterclap was born.



Face First was formed from the desire of it’s hard working members to establish a space for themselves to create freely and fly on their own. The name evokes the risk that define their lives as circus artists. It also speaks to their wish to highlight the personality of the body on stage, using the art of acrobatics as a path to authenticity.

After years of working in their own field, the members of Face First are adding a new voice to the circus field by producing their own touring productions and customized events. 



Kompani Giraff creates visual and unique circus performances with a foundation of poetic narrative and a passion for magic in everyday life situations.

With this foundation we seek to explore new ground in contemporary circus and make use of our own different experiences in the performing arts to truly create interdisciplinary works of art. 



During the summer of 2018 four circus artists set sail in the Swedish archipelago. By the time they came back to shore, the dream of Below Zero had come to life. KORUS is the upcoming production from Below Zero.

The title, the Swedish word for “collective voice”, touches on the theme. KORUS is a piece that probes the idea of what it really means to come together.

Kasta loss


Angela Wand is an artist/creator with 25 years of stage experience as a physical actor, clown and circus artist. Angela has worked in theatre, TV, film, on the street, in refugee camps and hospitals, at events and on commercials, both leading her own projects and working with numerous companies to reach a broad and international audience. The music and soundscape for the performance has been written and created by Theresia Billberg, who also runs the tech for the show.



Emil Dahl has spent the last five years researching on and practicing ring juggling in its most condensed form: balancing rings in new shapes with the foundational principle of keeping things simple and minimalistic (and functional). 

Det får bära eller brista


Circus By Me creates contemporary circus with a special focus on acrobatics, crossing various art forms such as contact improvisation, modern dance, ceramics and theater. It employs culture as a means for building a better world. In drawing its themes from the act of carrying and from physical tasks, DET FÅR BÄRA ELLER BRISTA uses partner acrobatics as an expressive tool. On stage the team works in duos, trios, and as a collective to perform static and dynamic acrobatics. 



Joel Degerfeldt and Mikkel Hobitz, friends from the circus school AFUK, found they had a lot of things in common. They both have an interest in the physical disciplines of hand-to-hand and acrobatics. They both play string instruments. They even look alike: long, thin, and blond. This was where the idea for the show came from. With a dream of magic, acrobatics and music they would make circus history.

Allt som är mitt


The show is made in a collaboration with the groups Kollektiv Knaster and Spinning Compass Performance. The artists Alaya Vindelman and Andrea Hilario have been performing and creating shows and productions together over the last decade, with aerial rope as their main circus discipline. Johannes Starke is a juggler, acrobat and the captain Spinning Compass Performance´s circus ship, Johanne.

My House


We have just relocated to Sweden after 10 years in the UK, moving our company, Apocalyptic Circus, with us and giving it a new name: In Balance Circus Company. In Balance is a family run company which builds on work we’ve been doing since 2012. HOUSE is our second big production, created with Sunniva Byvard. Over the last few years we have focused on creating and being part of shows for family audiences. In our work we take inspiration from our lives and the people around us.

We value circus greatly, and we always aim to create productions with high level skills at their core. Linn studied on Stockholm University of the Arts’ Circus Program before meeting Tom (who trained as a theater technician in Bristol) soon after her graduation in 2010. Their passion for detail and shared idea of what’s important in a production made them not only start a family but also Apocalyptic Circus – now In Balance.